For 3 tablets:

Microcrystalline cellulose (Qsp)
Citrate, silicate and magnesium glycerophosphate (1174 mg) that is 50% RDA for magnesium element (187mg)
Marine diatoms - biogenic silica (225 mg) including 116.80 mg accumulated silicon element & 21.2% RDA for iron
Vitis vinifera with 80% total polyphenols, 30% procyanidolic polymers & 12% condensed tanins – including Oligomeric Proanthocynadin complexes (150 mg)
Polygonum cuspidatum extract with 25% Resveratrol (150 mg)
Rhodiola Rosea extract with 3% Rosavin & 1% Salidroside (150 mg)
Astragalus extracts with 20% polysaccharides and 4% Astragaloside (150 mg)
L-ascorbic acid mesh 100 (150 mg) that is 187% RDA for vitamin C
Zinc citrate (48 mg) that is 150% of RDA with 15 mg of zinc element
Citric acid (75 mg)
Magnesium stearate (60 mg)
Alpha tocopherol acetate (24 mg) that is 200% of RDA for vitamin E
Manganese sulphate (3mg) that is 133% of RDA for sulphate element
Concentrate of marine collagen (15 mg)
Selenium yeast (13.5 mg) that is 49% of RDA for selenium 
Copper sulphate (1.5 mg) that is 150% of RDA for copper element 
Thiamine (3 mg) that is 272.7 % of RDA for vitamin B1
Hydroxycobalamine (3 mcg) that is 120% of RDA vitamin B12
Cholecalciferol (5 mcg) that is 100% of RDA for vitamin D3
Pyridoxin chlorhydrate (1.5mg) that is 107% of RDA for vitamin B6
Pea cellulose (coating)

Total 3300 mg


Precautions for use

Food supplement to be taken in the context of a healthy lifestyle and a varied, balanced diet.

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose.

​ It is not recommended to take mint.

If in doubt, see your doctor, especially in case of possible allergy. Even in absence of contra-indication, avoid take if pregnant or breast feeding.



Direction for use

According to your age,  take 1 to 3 tablets a day during the main meals with a large glass of water.  

Age 40 to 50, 1 tablet a day

Age 50 to 60, 2 tablets a day

Age 60 and over, 3 tablets a day

In case of serious health problems, 4 tablets a day.



Additional information

Natural pea-based coating. GMO free, no utilisation of nanotechnologies, preservative free.


Box of 30 tablets, blister pack, 1100mg net unit weight. Recycled cardboard. MADE IN FRANCE

Astragalus, two specific extracts

Astragalus helps combat the effects of ageing
Elemental zinc
Zinc helps normal DNA synthesis and tissue regeneration
Resveratrol 25% (polygonum cuspidatum)
Protection against free radicals


Florent, 45 years old -  since 2013


ADN Téloméractives©



Florent, 45 years old -  since 2013


ADN Téloméractives©