Health claims ADN Téloméractives Strengths ADN Téloméractives


ADN Téloméractives© is a unique patented formula born from research initiated in the United States on Astragalus, a plant traditionally used for several thousand years in Asia. This root contributes to combating the effects of ageing, just as it contributes to backing up the organism’s natural defences. In Europe, there weren’t really any offers that were credible or approved by the health authorities (marketing authorisation for American or Asian products). The two standardised extracts (concentrated active agents) of Astragalus that we use are highly specific and our product benefits from all the administrative authorisations allowing it to be consumed in perfect safety, whether concerning Astragalus or the other plant extracts making up this formula in all its complexity.


ADN Téloméractives© meets strict standards: production by a French pharmaceutical laboratory, traceability of the raw materials,  innocuousness and efficacy tests for authorising the marketing of medicines by a pharmacological-toxicological laboratory...